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Thursday, 2 January 2014

They're watching you

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  1. And if UK government prying isn't enough to put you off, the latest revelations about the NSA and their catalogue of "Hacking" tools make me wonder what point there is in trying to keep my PC secure? It now seems very likely that the "conspiracy theories" regarding major manufacturers and anti-virus suppliers, and how they've been complying with "Back Door" requests, and deliberately not flagging up Govt approved Root Kits, Spyware and the like are not conspiracies at all...

    1. Yes. It makes you wonder how much info they actually have on you. A while back when looking at my stats I found that I was being looked at with a browser I'd never come across before. Turned out it was the one used by the CIA. Incidentally the location was Fort Meade, Maryland. Funny Eh.

    2. If conspiracies did not exist, they would not be an offence in every country in the world that even CLAIMS to have a half way legal system.

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