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Tuesday 31 May 2016

The right of self determination outside the EU

All I see in the press and the MSM in general is a plethora of articles against and for Brexit, dealing with the trivia of whether we leave or remain.

The politicians, the media, and business leaders, only seem to be able to discuss the business case.

They all fail to discuss the real issue at stake..

Let's have back our right to self determination of how we run our country for the benefit of the people of the UK. Why should faceless unelected EU bureaucrats tell us what's best for us.

This country managed perfectly well before the EU. (I seem to remember we had an empire before we bankrupted the country fighting two world wars to save Europe).

How can you be proud of a country knowing that it's run by people you've never heard of and were unelected.

Of course our politicians and the judiciary don't like the idea as they are probably terrified that if we have our country back, they might actually be held to account for bad decisions made. At the moment they can just state over and over again, "The EU made us do it Guv".

Mind you, looking at our ruling class, on second thoughts maybe we should vote REMAIN. (Noooooo). Then we hang them.

No. I truly believe our children and grandchildren can make a far better go of it if we leave.

We can put the GREAT back into Great Britain if we choose to leave. If we stay we'll just remain the UK. A vassal state of a failing, undemocratic union.

Of course Pat Condell tells it better than I ever could.