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Saturday 22 February 2014

Fracking crazy

I’ve just been perusing DesSmogBlog’s (spits) latest iteration. This is an article by that crazed fearmonger David Suzuki about the danger of water shortages caused by Fracking.

Here he goes:

One of the most disturbing findings is that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is using enormous amounts of water in areas that can scarcely afford it. The report notes that close to half the oil and gas wells recently fracked in the U.S. “are in regions with high or extremely high water stress” and more than 55 per cent are in areas experiencing drought. In Colorado and California, almost all wells – 97 and 96 per cent, respectively – are in regions with high or extremely high water stress, meaning more than 80 per cent of available surface and groundwater has already been allocated for municipalities, industry and agriculture. A quarter of Alberta wells are in areas with medium to high water stress.

Of course  the casual reader of that article would recoil in horror from the thought. However what he doesn’t mention is that large quantities are only used in the initial fracture process.

See vid below

What he won’t tell you is that fracking water can be recovered and purified using centrifuges, reverse osmosis, and filtration. (Centrifuge separation has been successfully  used for seventy years or more, and reverse osmosis and sophisticated filtration have also been available for the last two decades.

On my last ship I had two RO plants that were capable of producing between them, 200,000 litres of potable water per day. Both plants would fit comfortably in your average sitting room.

Of course the Luddites at DesMogBlog will just put their fingers in their ears and collectively go La La La La La..