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Saturday 6 February 2010

Devine comedy

I watched the interview with disgraced MP Jim Devine with incredulity. Not only was he unable to realise that what he did was just plain wrong, but he couldn't get his facts straight.

He was floundering to the Nth degree.

When asked to justify his annual bill for cleaning, (£3500 of our money. Does he not know how to use a vacuum cleaner?) he has the audacity to claim that he paid it all upfront. He then contradicts himself several times, with in one sentence £180 per month, and in the next £150 per month. Now even at £180 per month that does not add up to £3500 for a year.

Then he can't even get it right over what period he was claiming for. And this is one of elected MP's.

Next he is quizzed over his expense on stationary. He'd been caught flipping his stationary allowance into office expenses. His excuse was "a whip told me I could do it". Should he not have contacted the expenses committee if he had doubts.

Just go and watch it for yourself.

What a labour Tosser. If he represents you, then I'm sorry. Then again you voted him in you sorry tossers.