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Tuesday 8 June 2010

Hi Dave. It's me again.

Just thought I'd give you a few more ideas where you can save some money.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)

All UK press, especially the BBC. ASH campaign continuously for escalating laws against smokers including tax rises, advertising bans and smoking bans.

  • Department of Health: £142,000
  • ---
  • Total £142,000 (19.1% of all income)

The remainder of its income comes from ASH International (part-funded by Pfizer), and supporting charities, principally Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation.

It received just £4,975 in voluntary donations from the public, plus a £10,000 legacy.

ASH Scotland

Openly prohibitionist anti-smoking pressure group. Upon leaving office after 12 years, its Chief Executive Maureen Moore said

"As the Scottish Government work towards a smoking prevention strategy next spring, let’s see them state outright that they want Scotland to become a smoke-free society and they will provide all the necessary support, funding, and legislation to do so."

Of the £468,500 ASH received in grants and donations in 2006/07, £403,800 came from the Scottish Parliament. The remainder came from Health Scotland (which is part of NHS Scotland) and the British Heart Foundation (which receives £4m from the government).

In December 2009, ASH Scotland's revenue doubled when it received £500,000 from the Big Lottery fund.

ASH Wales

Member of the SmokeFree Alliance and respondent to the 2008 Tobacco Consultation. Led the battle for the Welsh smoking ban of 2006.

According to its 2008 accounts, ASH Wales received £113,000 from the Welsh government and £49,968 from the Pfizer Foundation (n.b. Pfizer manufactures Nicorette and Chantix which are both medications to help people to stop smoking).

Its total revenue as shown in its 2007/08 accounts was £247,306. Of which,

  • Welsh Assembly: £113,000
  • ---
  • Total £113,000 (45.7% of all income)

The remainder came from the Pfizer Foundation, the lottery, conference revenue and the British Heart Foundation. A mere £870 came from voluntary public donations.

No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day is a member of SmokeFree Action, which is campaigning for higher cigarette taxes, tobacco display bans, plain packaging of cigarettes and smoking bans in cars.

Its president is Duncan Bannatyne *, who wants the children of smokers to report their parents to the police (I'll only be happy if smoking is banned, The Guardian).

According to its 2007/08 accounts, No Smoking Day received an income of £745,804, of which:

  • Department of Health: £250,000
  • NHS Scotland: £25,000
  • Welsh Assembly: £30,000
  • Northern Ireland: £7,000
  • Armed forces: £17,793
  • Total £329,793 (44.2% of all income)

Most of the rest of its revenue came from the sale of No Smoking Day products. There is no record of any voluntary donations from the public.


QUIT was a member of the SmokeFree Coalition which campaigned for the UK government to ignore its manifesto commitment to exempt 'wet' pubs and private members' clubs from the 2007 smoking ban.

According to it 2007/08 accounts, QUIT had a total income of £2,054,477, of which:

  • European Union: £482,181
  • ---
  • Total £482,181 (23.5% of all income)

The majority of its income comes from 'services to help smokers to quit', presumably paid for by local and/or central government.

P.S. When can I get a turn at being Chancellor?

Best Regards,

The Filthy Engineer.

* Uber Tosser.

A Dilemma

You are driving down the road in your car on a wild, stormy night, when you pass by a bus stop and you see three people waiting for the bus:

1. An old lady who looks as if she is about to die.
2. An old friend who once saved your life.
3. The perfect partner you have been dreaming about.

Which one would you choose to offer a ride to, knowing that there could only be one passenger in your car?

Think before you continue reading.

This is a moral/ethical dilemma that was once actually used as part of a job application.

You could pick up the old lady, because she is going to die, and thus you should save her first. Or you could take
the old friend because he once saved your life, and this would be the perfect chance to pay him back. However, you may never be able to find your perfect mate again.

YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS...................

The candidate who was hired (out of 200 applicants) had no trouble coming up with his answer. He simply answered:

'I would give the car keys to my old friend and let him take the lady to the hospital. I would stay behind and wait for the bus with the partner of my dreams.'

Sometimes, we gain more if we are able to give up our stubborn thought limitations.
Never forget to 'Think Outside of the Box.'


The correct answer is to run the old lady over and put
her out of her misery, have sex with the perfect partner on the bonnet of the car, then drive off with the old friend for a few beers.

God, I just love happy endings!