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Tuesday 12 January 2010

S44 Stop and search found to be illegal.

The European court has just ruled that a couple's rights to privacy and family life, have been violated. They have been awarded £30,400 in compensation.

Mmm. I knew it would end in tears.


H/T to OH

School dinners

They really can't stop meddling, can They?

A study of school lunchboxes has been carried out. Bloody hell, that's more of my tax down the drain.

Half of UK children eat a packed lunch - equating to 5.5bn lunches a year.
Well the study has come up with the fact that only 1% of those lunchboxes meet the "Nutrional Standard".

These standards say school lunches must contain protein-rich foods such as chicken and low fat starchy foods like pasta, as well as vegetables, fruit and dairy products.

Why does the state feel that it has to meddle in every minutae of our live? Yes by all means give parents nutrional guidance. Apart from that they should bloody well keep out of the way.
After all, If you give kids food they don't like they either won't eat or they'll swap it with someone elses.