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Sunday 17 February 2013

I wonder…..

Has the MSM been got at?

When I watch the Beeb, the main item on their agenda has been about the horsemeat debacle. Now as far as I know, no-one has died from eating horse meat. Even the Chief medical officer had to admit the fact.

Why has another scandal, where at least a thousand people have died through allegedly criminal negligence slipped out of the news? I’m here referring to those that have died in the Stafford NHS trust and elsewhere. Surely this is far more important to how we live.

I find it distinctly odd that the news media these days always bashes the private sector, but seems to steer clear of taking to task the public sector.

There is always a clamour for heads to roll in the private sector, but how often do you hear of a call for a  head civil servant to be sacked?

There’s something wrong in our priorities these days. If a private company fails it’s customers, then it goes out of business. Someone else will fill the gap.

However with the NHS we have no choice. If they want to kill us, they will. And no-one seems to be willing to hold them to account.

*I’m reading a kindle book about the travails of a GP and his dealings with the NHS at the moment. It makes you weep. (And him). I’ll post up some snippets about the over burdening management that has been created in the next day or two.*


The game all can play. Fed up with surveillance of your everyday activity, then if you’re young and fit, this may be the game for you.

I personally think that the UK has far to many. Of course I wouldn’t dream of doing such vandalism. How dare these misguided people destroy these paragons of the new world order. I mean we love being watched 24/7. Don’t we?

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Just saying.