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Thursday 17 October 2013


This is the illiberal twat that is really responsible for pushing up your energy bills with green subsidies. This is the day British Gas announces an increase in a duel fuel bill by 9.2 percent.

At about 1min 45 in on the vid he bareface lies, stating that before 2011 there were no other company that was offering cheaper energy than British Gas. Well this blogger left BG some 10 years ago and always managed to obtain cheaper energy by shopping around.

 It's no good blaming the energy companies for this. They've been forced to compete against inefficient, subsidised, green technology. They have to compete with onshore bird mincer subsidies to the tune of £100/Mw hr, and offshore at £150/Mw hr.

EG: See how much a wind farm is producing to see the inneficiency of wind.

It's producing just 18.3244% of it's rated capacity.

They've also been forced to pay for loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, etc, for their customers. No wonder the price of energy is rocketing.

DISCLAIMER: The FE household has not applied for loft insulation or cavity wall insulation. The reason being that he has no loft or cavity walls. (In fact I would be loathe to have cavity wall insulation as it can in the long run do serious damage to your home. (If you doubt this. See me after school).

As title of this post reminds you.

Fucking Tosser.