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Friday 28 September 2012

A sad little movie

Here is a ship that I first served on in 1976, going to an ignominious end. I joined her when she was relatively new and working out of Portland Naval Base for The Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST). We were tasked to train the succession of ships undertaking Basic Operational Sea Training (BOST), in Replenishment At Sea (RAS).

These evolutions  are carried out at very close quarters with both the supplying ship and the receiving ship steaming at 12 Knots (Approximately 15 MPH).The evolutions consisted of liquid replenishment, diesel fuel. aviation fuel, and potable water. Then there is solid replenishment by heavy jackstay, and personnel transfer by light jackstay.

It’s a pity to see the old girl go like this. She served the country well.

RIP RFA Grey Rover.

Mind you I’ll probably be shaving with part of her before long