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Monday 12 December 2011

Christmas, logs, and the dentist.

It was one of those days. Today I had an appointment with the dentist. As we’ve only got one car now, The second one being borrowed by the boy, I had to run Mrs FE into work. (She needs to be kept busy and out of my way otherwise this blog would cease to exist).

That task over, and having stopped to buy a paper, I spent an hour or so relaxing with multiple cups of coffee, and a good peruse through my RSS reader.

Seeing as I was due to visit Torquemada my dentist, I decided that a shower was needed to wash the smell of tobacco from my puny torso. Just to stop, said dentist, from wrinkling up his nose and giving me the usual lecture.

I’d just finished my shower and was just drying myself, all the time admiring my manly torso in the mirror, I heard a vehicle attempting to find a space on my drive. It was logman. (I’d ordered a load of logs for my open fire. Bugger global warming). In an instance I hot dressingowned to the front door, hair in disarray, to be confronted with a rather frightened character. (If you’d seen me, so would you be).

Unfortunately he ended up having to unload the bag of logs next to the car, instead of beside the house. I didn’t think any thing of it at the time. Until.

On setting out for the dentist I found that I couldn’t get into the car. Bugger.

A frantic twenty minutes ensued of log moving and eventually I managed to finally climb into the Ferrari, (I’m downplaying my actual car, I wouldn’t want you to be jealous dear reader), and of to the dentist.

Do you want to know what happened there? probably not but I’ll tell you anyway.

Last time I went to Vlad the impaler my dentist cut open my gum to insert somethings of which seemed like plastic bottle tops. Today the stitches were to be taken out. needless to say. The PAIN.

Of course I manfully withstood this. What really made me cry is that I’m expected to pay £3577 in January for the experience.

Another downside to Christmas is that Mrs FE has ordered a vast amount of presents on line. therefore I have become a prisoner in my home waiting for the deliveries. However I’ve met a lot of new people, I would never have met.

That was today. What will tomorrow bring?

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