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Friday 12 November 2010

Way to go Sister!


More health and safety Bollocks. But at least someone has stood up to them.

A council which cut down washing lines, took away residents' doormats and removed children's bicycles for “health and safety” reasons has halted the operation after being confronted with a mass protest led by a nun.

Rules are Rules. But I wonder if the paragraph below highlights the real reason.

The Irish-born nun, who lives in the area, added: “To focus on this ridiculous thing about washing lines and doormats is quite stupid when there is anti-social yob behaviour they should be dealing with. If they don't want us hanging out our washing in view of Canary Wharf then they should buy us all tumble-dryers.”

And what on earth is “Tenancy Enforcement Work” supposed to mean?

The organisation, which acts as the housing arm of the local authority, said the aim was to “carry out tenancy enforcement work, including the removal of washing lines, bikes and other obstructions as a landlord to keep residents safe”.

I’m sure the residents appreciate all their hard work.

£4.8 Trillion

That’s the National debt.

I’ve just been watching Martin Durkin’s explanation on the channel 4 episode, Britain’s Trillion pound horror story, that was aired last night. In it he shows how we got into it and maybe a way out. It does make for depressing viewing. I strongly suggest that all members of  our ruling elite should be locked into a cinema and made to watch it. (Under pain of death naturally).

It’s worth watching even if it is 72 minutes long.


The poor little students are upset that some of them may be punished for their actions.


Defend the Millbank protestors

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It’s got it all

In an article here  in ABC , the Drum, Unleashed, the paragraph below is from one of the commentators . He really is a good little Global warming, Climate change, Climate disruption, believer. The article in question is a cynical swipe at the Flat earthers, AGW supporters.

If you look at my emphasis you’ll note how he manages to  squirrel in a plethora of emotive words in his comment. Pretty good Huh.

Giving Up :

12 Nov 2010 12:50:20pm

Oliver W:
If the doctor who told you to manage the pain was taking money from the drug company from whom you need to buy your pain killers, would you still trust them?
You need to wake up, and look at the serious conflict of interest being shown by the anti-global warming factions. Big Mining, Big Oil, Big Cars, MORE GROWTH....We know what these people want, and it MORE MONEY AND POWER.
The same tactics of delay and deny, were used by the big tobacco companies, so that they could continue to make massive profits while knowing full well that the medical evidence was correct, and that they were killing people.
We need a change of direction here, because people, if you are under 40, this issue will come home to roost during your lifetime. For those old enough to miss the fun, think about your children cause they will cop it instead......

Well done to get the Cheeeldren in.