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Friday 6 March 2009

Some things change for the better

I have been a customer with Orange for a number of years, almost since Mobile phones begun.

Up till recently, to get through to customer services entailed spending ages listening to crap music, and "we value your custom" messages every minute or so.

At the end of January I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by a very respectful customer services rep and advised that I was overdue for a replacement phone. What really staggered me is he also advised that I was paying too much and would I like to change to a less expensive tarriff? Well you could blow me down with a feather, my gast was most definitely flabbered.

Was this a one off? No. this evening when opening my phone, (It's a slide phone), bummer, the display was corrupted. Anyway I phoned customer services not expecting stirling service again, only to find that within less than five minutes it had been arranged to send me a new phone by courier, to arrive by tommorrow morning.

I think it shows that with the recession, companies are having to value their customers at long last.
Well done Orange.