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Wednesday 18 May 2011

Could it happen here?

Imagine the scene:


The Uk’s people’s movement has finally awoken, Trafalgar square in London is now the country’s Tahrir Square, and the ‘Arab Spring’ has been joined by what is now bracing to become a long ‘European Summer’. As people across the Arab world continue their popular struggle for justice, peace and democracy, The Uk’s disillusioned citizens have finally caught on with full force. Slow at first, hopeful that the Uk’s dire economic conditions would magically correct themselves, the UK street has finally understood that democratic and economic justice and peace will not come from the pulpits of the country’s corrupt political elite. [......] A failed European project, with its borders quickly being reinstated, a collapsing Euro currency, and the examples of Greece, Portugal and Ireland are the reminders to those on the streets of what it is they are fighting to disassociate themselves from, and of the freedoms they are working towards. The economic and political project of the country’s elite has destroyed the economic dreams of whole generations of naïve and apathetic British. [...] A silent revolution has begun in the UK, a nonviolent revolution which seeks democracy through democratic means, justice through just means, and peace through peaceful means has finally captivated the imagination of the British people, and now there is no turning back. Hopefully an articulate steering committee will flourish soon from amongst the crowds, which is capable of making clear and viable demands that grab the imagination of the country and force the political elite to comply."

I would like to think so. However the above paragraph has been adjusted to read “UK” instead of “Spain”.

I personally think that unless our political scum politicians start to listen to the people that matter in this country (You and Me), the scenario above will eventually happen. What happened to the upstanding business men of old who after working to build up a company then decided to enter politics to try and improve the condition of their constituents? All I see now is a political class that has no affinity with how the real world works.

Many thanks to Witterings from Witney

Unsolicited Solar panels

solar panel

Today I received an unsolicited phone call from a company implying that they were working with  the government. (A quick google search debunked that). Anyway. Would you guess it, they were trying to sell me solar panels for my roof. After painfully listening to the prepared spiel, I asked for some hard economics. And this is what I got.

Cost: Mumbled about not really knowing till my location was inspected by their team of Salesmen Engineers. Even when I gave her rough dimensions of my south facing roof and the fact it was three stories up.

Maintenance: Very upbeat. “Absolutely maintenance free sir”. When I asked about cleaning the panels, and inverter through life costs, the other end of the phone line became very quiet.

Conclusion: I politely asked of her name and the details of the company she worked for. However when I informed her that I’d signed up for the Telephone preference service, and I would be informing Ofcom and Trading standards of their breach of the law, the last thing I heard was the equivalent of a Climate scientist sliding down a red hot hockey stick. A sizzling dial tone.

The Prisoner


I wrote a diatribe a couple of weeks ago about ordering an item that was not delivered, and saved me money by finding the item cheaper elsewhere.

Guess what. It’s happened all over again. The package has been returned to the vendor as it was damaged and I’ve found the item cheaper elsewhere again.

The only problem is that throughout this period I’ve become a virtual prisoner in my home, waiting for non existent deliveries. Only making rapid forays to the local shop for vital top ups of essential supplies of whisky and ciggies. I’ve almost done as much time incarcerated as a corrupt MP.

I think that my sentence is nearly over as the item is to be delivered tomorrow as.I’m informed by the latest vendor.

Was that a squadron of flying pigs I just saw?