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Saturday 14 May 2016

Back from the dead.

Not really.

One or two of you may have noticed that posts on this blog were becoming sparser and sparser in the last few months.

I was not well and eventually I was carted off to hospital in one of those vehicles with the blue lights on the top. (No, it was not a police car). I eventually ended up in a bed in the advanced medical care unit over the Easter holiday and spent ten days being watched over.

The interesting thing is that after I was discharged, I visited my GP and her first question was: "what did they diagnose you with". All I could reply with: "They never actually told me anything" They just discharged me.

I'm due to go back to hospital on an undisclosed later date for tests. Until then........

I'll try and post a few items off interest, but I may bore you with articles on why we should leave the EU.

You have been warned.

Brexit. The movie

Something to watch on this cool Saturday afternoon.

It's a bit long but worth the watch.