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Tuesday 29 January 2013


I was just wondering if those scanners at American airports are really designed to re-programme the citizen’s mind to accept a left leaning ideology.

A relation of mine emigrated to the USA a few years ago to be near his family. Before he left he was of the same political stance as Margaret Thatcher. A believer in a smaller state and less state interference in our daily lives.

The other day he phoned for a chat to see how his relations over here were bearing up. Of course a general chit chat ensued.

However I was astounded when we started on the subject of healthcare (Brought on by discussing the health of a couple of elderly relatives),  he started extolling the virtues of Obamacare and likening it to our “Marvellous” NHS. Of course I’m a tactful sort of person and did try to explain that the NHS has grown into a money devouring monster that is pauperising the nation. I also pointed out that if you feel ill, don’t expect to get a doctor’s appointment for several days, you certainly won’t find a doctor to come out to visit out of hours, and forget about a doctor at the weekend.

The subject was subtly changed to the good old stalwart. The weather. Here again I was surprised. He launched into a tirade about how we should reduce our carbon emissions to save the world from global warming, citing droughts in the mid west of the USA and Hurricanes on the west coast.

Of course I (tactfully)  pointed out that weather is not climate, and in fact the drought in the mid west last year was far less severe than that suffered in the 1930’s. I also pointed out that major hurricanes in the last decade have seen a decline .

He has bought into the green propaganda and insisted that the science is settled on the subject of catastrophic global warming. I countered (tactfully) with the fact that the globe has stopped warming for the last 15 years and may stay the same for at least a further five years according to the Met Office.

I wonder if he will ring me again?