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Sunday 9 June 2013

Holiday in hell

Today we arrived at our luxury villa, only to find that the place was a tip. It obviously hadn't been cleaned for some time. Cockroaches scurrying across the floor is not acceptable in this day and age. Mrs FE contacted the housekeeper and was informed that it had been cleaned in the morning. The place stank.
However for the time being we let it rest after the cleaner ensured Mrs FE it would be presentable on our return from essential shopping and a meal.

However on our return the condition was still dire. Now you cross Mrs FE at your peril. Especially when she has imbibed a scoop or two. Straight on the phone to the letting agent to give him hell. Give him his due he turned up very, very quickly.

I actually felt quite sorry for him.  I would not like to be harangued by four angry females.

The good news is that we are moving to another Villa of superior standard. The villa is situated on what is known as "millionares heights".

Should be interesting tomorrow.