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Monday 12 October 2009

Common purpose

I don't know much about this shadowy organisation, but I'm intrigued by the way it seems to crop up on a regular basis.
It seems to pervade all walks of life including Business, Politicians, ACPO, and many more areas of control. here is a short video as a taster.

There are two excellent videos by an ex Lt Commander in the Royal Navy that I will dig out if I can find them.

Feel free to be sceptical. Foil hats are available from:

Update: I see they've found me. Common Purpose (

What we should do to Jacqui.


H/T to the Daily Motion

Kick jacqui smith in the cunt


We need a new TV channel

"Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has been told to apologise in the House of Commons for breaching expenses rules."
I don't think it's enough to just apologise to the house of commons. I think they all need to apologise to the entire country on national TV. Maybe an award for the best grovelling exscuse.

Come on Murdoch. Give us a channel. (You'd never get the BBC to do it).

I suggest that it is called "Trough Factor", or "Strictly Apologising".

Make it a pay to view channel. They pay, for us to view. (And NO, Jacqi, you can't claim it on expenses)

Dirty Buggers

I keep reading in the MPs' expenses scandal that several of them have claimed for "cleaning costs".

Are they that lazy, or incapable, of using a vacuum cleaner?

Mrs FE is good enough to master these techniques. (FE sometimes gives it a go as well).