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Friday 19 June 2009

Homeward Bound

The time has come to set off for the shores of the UK. Since I last posted we have sailed over the Indian Ocean, through the Bay of bengal, transitted the Straits of mallacca and out into the South China sea. Was it worth it you might ask?

No it was bloody hard work with endless days at sea, sometimes going around in circles as dictated by the Task group Commander, an utter waste of time. All to show the flag to our old colonies, whom I suspect, didn't give a damn whether we were there or not.

To describe how the mighty are fallen, we berthed on one of three berths in Singapore that are leased for the Brits, Yanks, Aussies, and NZ navies in Sembawang. When I first joined a ship in this, that was a premier NAVAL base, we OWNED all of it. We had at least thirty ships stationed there. At the rate our politicians are going, we will be lucky to have thirty ships in our entire navy.

Still, why should I care, I'm retiring after this trip?

But I do.