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Thursday 4 July 2013

Can lightening strike twice. Yes it can.

Three years (ish) ago my eldest daughter and her partner (Now my son in law) were informed that they only had a 5% chance of having a child. However against all odds and just before they were going to try IVF treatment, the little miracle occurred. My daughter became pregnant. They now have a bouncing nineteen month (I thinkish)  boy.
From the moment he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, Huw Allanson had feared his dream of becoming a father would never come true.
Having battled testicular cancer twice – losing his left testicle and having nine rounds of chemotherapy in the process – he was told his chances of becoming a father were just five per cent.
But this year, he’s had more to celebrate than most. Incredibly, just a week before he and his fiancé Lizi, 32, were due to start IVF, they discovered they had managed to conceive naturally and their son Ryan was born in in April this year. (That’s 2012)(And they’re now married).

Here's the story in full
They love the boy (Ryan) but were resigned to him being an only child.
However the fairy tale doesn’t end there. Guess what?
She’s now pregnant again!

Grrrrrrrh. More babysitting.

I've finally posted this.

How to open a beer.

Public service announcement.

NB. The author of this post takes no responsibility for any loss of body parts whilst carrying out some of these suggestions.