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Tuesday 3 February 2009

I apologise for this

Tonight I listened to the BBC.

Apart from the usual drivel about the worst snow fall for 19 years, Woopee f*ck. I've seen far worse in the past. They had a story about three younsters who unfortunately had decided to descend a slope on the upended roof of a derelict range rover. the sad ending was that they ended up sliding into a barbed wire fence, and one of them, being badly injured.

I must admit that it saddens me when these events happen, and that one was badly injured.

On the other hand, I am so glad that the devil may care attitude is still alive and well in the UK, and not even the ridiculous H & S brigade have managed, not wihout spending millions of our money, to stamp out the devil-may-care attitude to risk which made us such a great nation.

Without risk, would we have achieved anything at all in this country?

I wish a speedy recovery to those in hospital. Please take care, but live your lives to the full.