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Tuesday 5 January 2010

Wind turbine statues.

The temperature here is now -3 degrees and a high pressure system is sitting over us at the moment. What will those sodding monstrosities be doing right now?

Sweet fuck all.

And all political parties want to build more of those costly, ugly, and useless machines?

The Labour Election movie coming to a cinema near you

Feel free to watch the movie when it flops in May.

H/T to the Red Rag

The Man with the Gun at your door.

Just read this at The Devils Kitchen:

My friends, We are broke. Our country—whatever it may once have been—is now laden with debt. And this isn't "the government's debt": it is our debt. The government has no money but what it takes—what it extorts—from us. We have gone beyond consensus politics: if a man were to come to your door, with a gun, and demand half of everything that you earned—on pain of severe punishment, on pain of the total ruination of your life—would you not protest?

Go and read the rest of what the Devil has posted, it's food for thought. A Polemic from the Leader of the Libertarian Party.

How very daring.

From the Times on line:

“absolutely clear strategy for buggering us after the next election”.
Ooh Err, whatever next?

Lord Monkton's letter to the Prime Minister of Australia

A very well written letter by Lord Monkton to the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd. In it he sets out very precisely why no action should be taken in regards to the supposed AGW theory.

I've created a link to it here on the What's Up With That site