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Sunday 25 December 2011

It’s a quiet night

The family descended en masse to FE towers today. Myself and Mrs FE were up at the crack of dawn (Oh yes really), to prepare lunch, sort out glasses, and clean out and light the fire. By eleven all the family had mustered in an orderly fashion and you would think that everything was set for a fine dining repast. WRONG. We had no holly for the christmas pud. After much discussion (About 30 seconds), it was decided to send out a search party to search for said elusive berry. After trudging for some time we were all suffering from severe dehydration and were forced to seek comfort at a local hostelry.

The host of this blog was advised that we would play a game to decide who was going to pay for the lifesaving liquid refreshment, quaintly called beer. We would play Pewl pool. This involved hitting a white ball with a pointy stick, and trying to hit a yellow ball or a red ball. Woe betide you if you hit a blackball with the number eight on it. I lost.

For all our ventures in finding the shrub with the red berries in our troubled search, on returning home your FE was informed that he was incompetent as the said plant grows in his garden. (BUGGER, found out).

Lunch went well. No one suffered from projectile vomiting, so mrs FE must have done something right for a change. (Now I’m really in the shit).

Now is the winter of our content. (Shakespeare).

I’m now posting this in an alcoholic, mellow mood. (Thank god fot htr splee cheker).

I’ll try and be more erudite tomorrow.

If you’re lucky.