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Monday 3 October 2011

Wasting my money again, KCC.

burning money

I was just trawling through my Council’s accounts when I came across this little bit of expenditure.

KINGSTON PARISH COUNCIL 10/08/2011 £46,200.00 Computer Equipment - Software Development Costs

Bearing in mind this is not Kingston on Thames, but Kingston Parish Council, it made me wonder why the need all that dosh for IT equipment?

It’s a thriving metropolis of, wait for it, 400 people.

Kingston is home to approx 400 residents and nestles at the entrance to the Elham Valley between Bridge and Barham.

So what’s all the money for?

Apparently they can’t get broadband.


Obviously Kent County Council are too lazy to shop around. They are allowing themselves to be ripped off.

Why not give them satellite broadband at £60 installation charge and a one off setup fee of £30. (I know the offer has just ended but I’m sure the council could have done a deal).

If you take those 400 people and for the sake of argument allow for the fact that 70% of the 400 are 2 partner households. In that case 70% of 400 is 280 people. Therefore only 140 units required. And I won’t even think of the Cheeeldren.

Take another 20% of the population of the village and consider they’re single and that thy want the delights of broadband too. 20% of 400 equals 80 more installations required.

That leaves 10% who probably don’t want it. ( Just a rough guess).

So in total 220 satellite broadband sets required. (The back of my fag packet is getting full now).

Well if my calculations are correct that comes to a total cost of 220 x £90 = £19, 800.

A saving of, wait for it (and that means you at the back as  well, Captain Haddock), £26,400.


Well done Kent County Council for wasting my money. You could have afforded another junior Community Diversity Outreach Co-ordinator for that sum I’d have saved you.

Chickens. An oppressed minority.


Just saying…………