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Tuesday 29 May 2012


It looks like another Blogger, Witterings from Witney is having a spot of bother from a post he wrote three years ago. Apparently a company is upset at the some of the content of that post.

I will reproduce one comment below which may be one reason why they have suddenly decided to take legal action so late in the day:

Anonymous said...

I also worked at Govnet and can vouch for all of the above statements. Ian Nally is a twisted, lonely and totally unpleasant individual.
Jo Walsh surrounds herself with two-faced 'luvvie darlings' and then picks them off one by one and makes them feel so inadequate that they either leave or are dismissed.
Ed Irving, the sales director has no balls, so Sharon Randawha (now Sharon Azam) takes the sales manager role. She delights in cruely taking the piss out of anyone. It's such an insestious company it's untrue - if you are not asked to stay for the cheese and biscuits after the rest of the office has left then you surely are not in the 'clique'
If you have to get a job there, make sure its only a stepping stone, there is no career for you here.

24 May 2012 14:18

*This blogger does not endorse the above comment. It is just there for illustration purposes*

In short they have hired a firm of solicitors to demand a redaction and fully apology for comments made.

Personally I think they may have made a rod for their own back. It’s now out in the Blogosphere.

As a well known Blogger said this morning.

I think they are about to learn not just about the Streisand Effect, but that bloggers are a pack. Not a herd.