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Tuesday 17 February 2015

I told you so.

Remember this post from a few days ago where I stated the obvious?

Even if readers here are non smokers. Be afraid. They'll be after your guilty little pleasure next. The bansturbators pleasure will be you next.

Like a soft drink occasionally? You sinner, you.


Just ONE can of fizzy drink a day increases heart attack risk by a third - and could lead a STONE of weight gain over a year

  • New campaign challenges 'damage' caused by Coca-Cola and Pepsi
  • Campaigners say consumers are unaware of the risks of these drinks
  • The campaign called GULP – Give Up Loving Pop – has been created by the Health Equalities Group and supported by NHS and local authorities
  • Also highlights links between drinks and tooth decay and type 2 diabetes

They’re coming for you now, you pop fanciers. Soon they’ll be bans on fizzy drinks in pubs. This will be followed by bans in public parks and play areas. Soon to be followed by bans in all public areas. We must think of the “Cheeeeeeeldren”.is the cry. (As a smoker I got used to it).

Of course this is another state funded socket puppet masquerading as a charity.

This article is dedicated to the commenter who posted this under my last article on bans. Here’s his words of wisdom.

Anonymous12 February 2015 at 01:03

I doubt it, probably just ban smoking and that will be it. At worst they will go on to ban other distracting things while driving. But hardly going to be the next USSR. Non smokers can relax I think. Smoking ban never affected them either, only the inconsiderate behind the times smokers.


Do you understand now that the state hates you as well as smokers?