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Saturday 1 January 2011

Keyhole surgery.

Yesterday a warning appeared on the notification panel on my car’s dashboard, “Dipped Beam Bulb failure”.  A quick trip round to the front of the vehicle quickly determined that the offending item was on the near side.

Simples. A quick trip to Halfords was all it needed and back home ready to fit it today.

Not so Simples, especially with a hangover. The vehicle in question is a Volvo. Now, as many of you may know, in my previous incarnation before I retired, I was a Marine Engineer. Being a Marine Engineer meant that I frequently had to repair some very badly designed pieces of equipment. But nothing like changing a bulb in  a Volvo. Apart from only enough space for a two year old’s hand, why an earth run a wiring loom over the top? Just to make it invisible to the naked it eye I suppose. Is it compulsory for Volvo designers to have a degree in torture and psychological warfare?

So guess what your FE did next?

Answers on a postcard to …………….