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Tuesday 23 February 2010

Climate change. Lets start over.


A meeting of Climate scientists has decided that they need to start a new analysis of Global temperature.

The Met Office proposes that the new international effort to recalibrate temperature data start at a “workshop”‘ hosted by Hadley. The Met Office would invite “key players” to start the “agreed community challenge” of creating the new datasets.

Then, in a last defense of its old ways, the Met proposals argues says that its old datasets “are adequate for answering the pressing 20th Century questions of whether climate is changing and if so how. But they are fundamentally ill-conditioned to answer 21st Century questions such as how extremes are changing and therefore what adaptation and mitigation decisions should be taken.”

Well that will assure their jobs for another 20 years. I suppose that in 5 years they will tell us that the globe is cooling and it is all the fault of the Polar bears.

20-Luna Island

Niagara Falls. Frozen.

Read the article here.

I suspect that the dark Lord has done a good job.



Is it just me or has the bullygate story been spun to change the emphasis on who is the real villain?

To start of we had the story of how the Bully of Downing Street had abused his staff.

This was then corroborated by Mrs Pratt from the Anti Bullying Helpline.

Now all the articles in the papers are out to get Mrs Pratt.

I smell the foul stench of mandlesnake and his researchers in action here.

Regardless of her less than salubrious past, if she did receive calls from Downing Street about Bullying, then that is the real story.

The MSM have been nicely sidetracked away from the issue.

Or have I got my tinfoil hat on again?

Pie man saves Brown

And this man was Deputy Prime Minister?