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Saturday 11 December 2010

Sold out

Looks like we’ll be forced to hand over billions more in taxes if Huhne and Cameron get their way.


Don’t they realise that it is NOT and never will be THEIR money that they’ll be throwing away. Some of it’s mine, You TOSSERS.

Mind you it’s always been about the building of a new power base revolving about carbon.


climate change poster

Need I say more?

And this is warming?

Hail in South Africa? In their summer? This event happened just a week ago on the 2nd of December. Funny that it wasn’t reported in the MSM.

I just wish this had happened in Cancun.


More than 190 countries have struck an agreement at the latest round of UN climate talks that puts efforts to secure a new international deal to tackle global warming back on track.

So that’ll be more of my money down the drain of bird mincers, photo voltaic crap, and carbon capture then.