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Wednesday 31 March 2010

Climate change.

I f you, like me, think there is more to the subject than meets the eye. Then go and read here.

What really happened


It's a long read but gives the History of scares and their reasons.

A bit Smellie to me.

Remember watching this.

Well it would appear that he has got away with it. Although there maybe  disciplinary action against him.

A Metropolitan Police officer accused of striking a woman with a metal baton at a G20 demonstration has been cleared of common assault.

Sgt Delroy Smellie denied attacking Nicola Fisher, 36, of Brighton, at the G20 protest in London in April 2009.

To me this was beyond belief.

Judge Wickham added: "I am satisfied he honestly believed it was necessary to use force to defend himself."

Watch the footage again and just look at their relevant sizes, for Christ's sake.

This is what happens when there is no jury.

The country really has gone to the pigs dogs.


Any Police actually out on the streets?

Do you actually consider that any of the groups below couldn't be axed after the next election? I mean why do we need a "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Action Group" and a "Gender and Transgender Action Group"?

Citizen Focus Performance Gold Group

The Diversity and Fairness Strategy Board, responsible for setting the strategic direction of Kent Police for race and diversity, is now part of the new Citizen Focus Performance Gold Group.

Equality and Standards Board

The Diversity and Fairness Delivery Group is now part of this new board, which the Assistant Chief Constable (Human Resources and Learning and Development) chairs.

The board reports to the Citizen Focus Performance Gold Group.

Minority Ethnic Action Group

To raise awareness of race relations, racism and cultural diversity throughout the force.

Disability Action Group

To make sure that Kent Police is fully compliant with all aspects of the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and meets the general duty to promote disability equality and the specific duties contained in the act.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Action Group

To assist Kent Police in an advisory/consultative capacity on matters affecting lesbian, gay and bisexual staff and be a dynamic forum for positive action.

Immigration and Asylum Action Group

To advise the Equality and Standards Board on diversity issues relating to immigration and asylum.

Hate Crime Action Group

To liaise with external and partner organisations, specifically Victim Support, to make sure holistic awareness is maximised and opportunities for making a positive impact on hate crimes and incidents are identified.

Age Action Group

Advise the Equality and Standards Board on issues of age relating to the working environment, employment and potential employment and service delivery

Gender and Transgender Action Group

To drive the implementation of the Gender and Transgender Action Group Plan.

Fairness Action Group

To advise the Equality and Standards Board on fairness issues relating the working environment, employment, potential employment and service delivery.

Gypsy & Traveller Action Group

To assist the force in making sure its policies and procedures take into account the needs of Gypsy and Traveller groups.

Religion and Belief Action Group

To monitor and provide advice on the investigation of religiously motivated hate crime and strategies to assist its reduction.

Diversity Team

The Diversity Manager provides support and guidance to deliver a service which abides by fair practice in equality and diversity.

Diversity Training Team

The Training Team is responsible for reviewing all learning and development taken by Kent Police officers and staff to ensure it meets the requirements of our Equality Scheme. The team also produces and delivers a range of equality and diversity training for external customers.

I'm sure I could do most of this work on my own. Maybe some part time staff.

It seems a staggering waste of money to me.

Oh, and by the way. They have £11.1 million in Icelandic banks out of the Kent total of £50 million. They really don't seem to be good with their money

Electric Crap

Paul Withrington from Transport Watch writes ...
How can anybody think that the electric car is the solution to any problem? The belief that it will emit 40% less carbon than conventional vehicles is based on the Arup/Cenex report with the natty title "Investigation into the Scope for the Transport Sector to Switch to Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles", dated October 2008.

Unfortunately its conclusions depend on the wild claims of manufacturers, rather than upon sensible tests. Not surprisingly the gap between those claims and the anecdotal performance of the vehicles is so large as to beggar belief:

• An electric car provided to a journalist for tests was alleged to have a 70-mile range. The journalist decided to be safe and planned a 50-mile trip only to find the specially prepared car failed at 37 miles.

• A user of a G-Wiz found that the battery expired after two years and three months, instead of after the hoped-for five years.

• Jeremy Clarkson found that the Tesla ran out of power after 55 miles on his test track, rather than after the 220 miles claimed by the manufacturer.

• An electric Ford Transit-sized van provided to a manufacturer, who wants to remain anonymous, was alleged to have a range of 100 miles. The manufacturer found that on the level, and with no load, the vehicle managed 60 miles but that on hills in Wales it managed just six (yes, six!).

• Adverse weather conditions are said to reduce battery performance by 40% to 50%.

Furthermore, section six of the Arup/Cenex paper 'demonstrates' that the cost of running an electric vehicle will be less than that for an internal combustion-powered vehicle. However, the costs assigned to petrol and diesel include tax, so exaggerating the economy of the electric vehicle by a factor of at least three. Against that background we regard the paper, a paper upon which national policy hangs, as worthless.

What better illustration do we need of the poor quality of the advice given to Government and of the naivety of those who receive it?

H/T to the GOS