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Monday 26 April 2010

I've become a reactionary.

Well almost.

Since last year I have written more letters to my MP in one year than I have written in the last thirty years. (Alright,three).

Each reply I have received has been bland or just plain passing the buck. The usual "They had the majority".


John Stanley. MP for Tonbridge and Malling. You have lost my vote.

Reason 1.

Voted strongly for the smoking ban.

Reason 2.

Moderately voted to stay in the EU.

Well then "John". I'm voting UKIP. I would say, put that in your pipe and smoke it. But see reason 1.

A plague on all of them.

*frustrated voter*

The Lurgie struck.

Apologies to the many one readers who flock to this blog for enlightenment.

I have just been struck down recently with Bird, Swine, Asian, flue, a cold.

The ramblings of this madman may get better when I recover. If I don't make it through I bequeath all my wordly goods to no-one in particular.

Somali pirates move hostage Britons

Militants from Somalia's al-Qaida-linked insurgent group have moved into the northern region where Somali pirates operate, forcing the gang that is holding a kidnapped British couple to flee, a self-proclaimed pirate chieftain and residents said.

Paul and Rachel Chandler were bundled into a car early on Monday after militants neared the town of Haradhere, said Maslah Yare, who leads the pirate gang that is holding the Chandlers............