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Tuesday 11 September 2012

Polling the truth.

We’ve all heard about the official polls that tell us that 80% of all smokers want to quit.

Well a week or so ago I put a simple poll in my sidebar asking visitors the simple question, “Do you want to quit smoking”.

There were only four simple answers:

YES, NO, NOT SURE, & OTHER. (I’m not sure why I included other?)

Now I really didn’t expect anything dramatic, as I suspected that as this blog is obviously pro-smoking there would be a bias to not quitting. However I was also expecting more yes votes polled, due to anti-smokers visiting and attempting to pervert the poll to some extent.

The total number who filled in the poll was only 123, but as I monitored over the days the ratio of yes’s to No’s never changed.

The Tobacco Control industry were right in the respect of 80%, but surprise, surprise the poll shows the exact opposite in opinion.

YES:               6.5%

NO:                82.11%

NOT SURE:  1.63%

OTHER:        9.76%

Obviously the Tobacco Control polls would have  couched their poll answers slightly different to mine.

“Yes I want to give up smoking to save the planet from global warming”

“No I don’t want to give up as I want to kill all the children with my passive smoke”

I’ll leave it up a while longer to see if the ratios change. Then I may start another survey on a pet hate of mine. Wind turbines.

The question asked will be on the lines of:

“Do you think that wind turbines are the best thing since sliced Birds bread”.