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Monday 30 August 2010

Twat de Jour

I give you. Wait for it. Tristan Osbourne.

This is the lefty that endorsed the ciggy busters stunt in Medway (That’s in Kent ), as a good thing.

Of course he’s the typical champagne socialist.

Schooling at the King’s School, Rochester.


Pre-Preparatory School

4+ (Year R to age 5)*
£2,220 per term (10 instalments of £666.00)

4+ (Year R 5+)
£2,730 per term (10 instalments of £819.00)

5+ (Year 1)  
£2,730 per term (10 instalments of £819.00)

6+, 7+ (Years 2, 3) 
£2,940 per term (10 instalments of £882.00)

The above fees include lunch 5 days per week

*Reduced fee applied until end of term account following 5th birthday

Preparatory School

8+, 9+ (Forms L1/1)     
£3,500 per term (10 instalments of £1,050.00)

10+, 11+, 12+ (Forms 2/3/4)
£3,980 per term (10 instalments of £1,194.00)

The above fees include lunch 5 days per week

Senior School

13+ - 18+   
£5,140 per term (10 instalments of £1,542.00)

Lunches(Senior School only)  £300 per Michaelmas term; £220 per Lent & Midsummer term.

Words fail me.

Then he comes out with this utter cockwaffle.

Half of Medway's smokers will die from cancer, todays Medway Messenger has reported.
Despite the negativism and opportunism of libertarian and right wing bloggers, the local media has come out in support of this blog and government-backed and NHS campaigns to 'ciggy-bust' our way out of a cul-de-sac of health inequality.
According to the 277-page report, entitled
Investing in Health, it shows that the chief killers in Medway will be lung, breast, bowel and prostate cancer. Alcoholism will also cause more deaths from the disease.

Apart from the fact the report is entitled “Investing FOR health, there is no such claim as “Half of Medway's smokers will die from cancer” in the actual report.

He really is a lazy, silver spoon, champagne socialist of the highest order.

And if you really want to feel depressed watch this

Naturally they managed to sneak a “think of the cheeldren” in there.

To my everlasting shame. My son was at University with him.

Mind you, my son took a real degree.