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Saturday 28 November 2009

The loss of Liberty

When I watched this Vid, it reminded me of a truly heartfelt article written by Phillip Pullman.

The article is here, do go and read it if you haven't before

Am I becoming a single issue Blogger

No not really. It's just that I have been skeptical of the whole "Global cooling", "Global warming", "Climate change ", bandwagon that has been happily rolling along, unquestioned until now.

Just to add more to the debate I'm adding the link to another country that seems to be waking up to the scam. Here is a link to Barking Moonbat . This time it is new Zealand.

The other subject I'm keeping an eye on at the moment is the one concerning Paul Clarke who was arrested, charged, and convicted of handing in a firearm. This heinious offence has a minimum sentence of 5 years. You can read my original post here.

H/T to Subrosa for the Barking Moonbat link. At first glance at the link I thought it might have been a George Monbiot article.