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Tuesday 2 March 2010

Another shopping game

Checkout Chatter

This is a game best played on a weekday evening, when the younger members of the working population have taken over on their part-time shifts.

The aim of the game is simply to try and get them to talk to you. Sounds easy, doesn't it? But give it a try when you've got a bored 17-year old in front of you, who can't wait to get out of the place and has little else on their mind beyond which pub their mates are going to be in and whether they're the only person still waiting to lose their virginity.

Of course, there is some standard information that they're programmed to say for example, 'Hello', 'Do you have a loyalty card?', 'That'll be £5.63, please', 'Would you like cash back with that' and 'Goodbye'. But anything beyond that can certainly become a tribulation.

Some recommended lines to try are:

  • 'Has it been busy today?' (also useful when playing Cabbie Chatter)

  • 'What are you doing later?' (although this can be misinterpreted)

  • 'Is the price of bread always so cheap?'

You win if you can manage to get them to hold a decent conversation with you. As you improve you may choose to handicap yourself by disallowing certain subjects eg, what 'A' levels1 they are studying or how many hours they have left to work on their shift.

Go on give it a try.

Update : The Nick Hogan fund now stands at £5693. Notwithstanding postal donations.

Thanks to all who have donated. if not there's still time to Donate

The Anti Smoking Ban heroes.

just give £1 to help free Nick Hogan.

or an alternative way to pay:

Phil Johnson sent a message to the members of Justice for Nick Hogan.
Subject: Alternative donation avenue
We have another safe avenue for donations for all those of you who would rather send a cheque. If so, your Cheques for the Nick Hogan fund can be made payable to Freedom to Choose (Scotland).
They will be retained in the Freedom to Choose (Scotland) account until further instructions are available.
The address is Freedom to Choose (Scotland), c/o The Dalmeny Bar, 297 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8SA.
For total transparency I will update the 'donations sent' on a daily basis as soon as the Treasurer informs me of such.
This now gives the Nick Hogan fund twice the opportunity to reach our target folks.
Phil J

Or at least write to him

Nick Hogan
prisoner DN5431
HMP & YOI Forest Bank
Agecroft Road
M27 8FB