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Thursday 10 November 2011

Those notes.

Yesterday as you may recall I sent a FOI request to my local PCT. I received a reply today (That’s quick), stating that they are treating it under the data Protection Act instead. I suppose it is relevant under the circumstances, It’s reproduced here for your edification.

Hello xxxx

I can confim that we have received your request. 

This request is a request under the DPA 1998 not a Freedom of information act as you are asking for personal information about which you are the subject of.

We will begin processing your request and will be in touch for the relevant Identity required.  

kind regards


What I find irksome is that I took the trouble to write a formal letter and received an informal letter back. Notwithstanding that she addressed me by my Christian name which she spelt wrongly, she could have at least run the spellchecker through the E mail (Confim?).

Maybe it’s just me being pedantic, but a reply should be in the same vein, in my opinion. Not a very professional stance for a public servant.

I’m sure as well that they could have replied under the FOIA, however that only gives them 20 days, where as the DPA gives them 40 days.

I really must take off my tinfoil hat.

tinfoil (1)

Now I would have said something

Even if it was just, “Oh shit, we’re doomed”

People on board the lunchtime Exeter to Newcastle service saw the wheel break off as the landing gear retracted but ‘did not inform the cabin crew’.