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Sunday 15 July 2012

The Sun The Sun


Your Blog host and Mrs FE are off to the sun at O’crack sparrowfart  tomorrow morning, so posting will be light to non existent for a few days. (I’m sure the readers of this blog will find that they can live a useful existence with out  resorting to reading my usual drivel).

The reason we’re off to Madrid is that it’s been organised by my Son in Law and my Daughter, in thanks for the organisation of their wedding last week.

We’re being treated to a three day break in Madrid and can be expected to immerse ourselves in the culture of that grand old city. However due to the high temperatures at this time of year, we will have to keep hydrated at all times.

I have now downloaded to my phone an App that not only steers me to all the culture you would expect, but more importantly, gives me every bar that exists in the city.

We intend, in the bar breaks, to absorb as much culture as is possible in the time. I’m hoping to see a cultural riot if at all possible, if not it’s going to have to be the Prado museum or some such.

Anyhoo. Don’t expect a blog post till Thursday. Keep yourselves amused in the rain.


A friend just sent me this:

 Europe in a "few" words

Pythagoras' theorem - 24 words.
Lord's Prayer - 66 words.
Archimedes' Principle - 67 words.
10 Commandments - 179 words.
Gettysburg address - 286 words.
US Declaration of Independence - 1,300 words.
US Constitution with all 27 Amendments – 7,818 words.
EU regulations on the sale of cabbage – 26,911 words