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Thursday 17 February 2011

E Dating failed


Time for lunch



Global warming glossary

A handy cut out guide to frequently used phrases.

“since records began”  -  since 1850 if using observed data, or about 1980 if using satellite data

“might, may, could, perhaps”  -  we can say anything is happening if we put enough modifiers in front of it

“experts say”  -  (a) we’re an NGO in need of funding or (b) I’m a scientist in need of funding

“science is settled”  -  stop asking questions, we know better than you skeptics/deniers/cranks/scary people

“consensus of scientists”  -  the wisdom of crowds is all we have left, so SHUT UP

“CO2 pollution”  -  your high school science teacher lied about CO2 being plant food

“increasing global population”  -  pesky developing nations are demanding cars and appliances. The horror.

“sustainable development”  -  subsidies now, or the planet gets it

“raising awareness”  -  hippies doing something daring or stupid for attention

“cooling caused by warming”  –   hey, you believed everything else we said, why stop now?

H/T to The Daily Bayonet