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Tuesday 9 November 2010

Sounds like British Rail.

A mother was working in the kitchen, listening to her five-year-old son playing with his new electric train set in the living room.

She heard the train stop and her son saying,

 'All of You b*****ds who want off, get off now, 'cos we're in a hurry! And all of you b*****ds who are getting on, get on now, 'cos we're going down the tracks'.

The horrified mother went in and told her son,

'We don't use that kind of language in this house. Now I want you to go to your room and stay there for TWO HOURS.
When you come out, you may play with your train, but I want you to use nice language.'

Two hours later, the son came out of the bedroom and resumed playing with his train. Soon the train stopped and the mother heard her son say,

'All passengers who are disembarking the train, please remember to take all of your belongings with you.
We thank you for travelling with us today and hope your trip was a pleasant one.'

She hears the little boy continue,

'For those of you just boarding, we ask you to stow all of your hand luggage under your seat. Remember, there is no smoking on the train.
We hope you will have a pleasant and relaxing journey with us today.'

As the mother began to smile, the child added..........

'For those of you who are pissed off about the TWO HOUR delay, please see the fat controller in the kitchen.’

More Rubbish


More stop smoking dodgy statistics from Cancer Research UK.

In 2007, 32% of smokers in England said they had tried to quit within the previous three months. This fell to 23% in 2008, 22% in 2009 and stood at 17% at the end of October 2010.

Depends on what you ask a smoker.

And you have a worrying paragraph below.

Professor Robert West, director of tobacco studies at the Cancer Research UK health behaviour research centre, said: "As the country tightens its financial belt, we've seen the number of smokers trying to quit slow down.

So we’re to be likened to Dogs or lab Rats now.

Professor West's report also found that fewer than 5% of smokers use NHS stop smoking services, which have been found to be much more effective than quitting alone.

Yeh right. The quit rate from their own published figures gives a high success rate of just 1.6%.  Very effective my arse.

The one thing you have completely overlooked Professor  West, is that Smokers like smoking.

So just FUCK OFF and leave me alone.