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Friday 9 March 2012


This is a film that is hoped to be made espousing the benefits of Shale gas which the green groups are desperately trying to prevent from happening.

In fact because Fracking is conducted at very deep levels, it should be no cause for concern as the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since it’s inception.

Here’s a simple clip of the process.

If we were to embrace this technology in the UK we would most certainly see, in the medium term, a reduction in our household energy bills. There would be no need to pay expensive and ludicrous green energy tariffs to subsidise wind turbines bird mincers and photo voltaic panels.

Explained here.

Does Green thinking need a red light?

We few who are drowned out by the Big Green taxpayer funded lobby groups such as the WWF and the IPCC need to publicise that there is more to saving the planet than windfarms and useless PV panels. Cheap energy has the ability to lift millions out of poverty ridden lifestyles.

That’s why this film needs to be made. Maybe it’s just a pinprick. But if you do nothing, (And I’m no way condemning you) then we are destined for a poorer world, where millions more will die. I’m also being selfish here in the fact that my gas bill in the last year has risen by 18%, partly due to the imposed green taxes levied on my bills. That would be fine, except I’m a pensioner that has seen his savings eroded by low interest rates and the effect of quantative  easing of the currency.

Go on. Chuck a couple of quid into this project


Since I turned off the new word verification system to make it less burdensome for you lovely people out there to comment, I inadvertently caused a problem.

My blog is set up to send comments to my gmail  account. Unfortunately along with the newly acquired dose of spam it also relegated regular commenters to the spam folder as well.

So for now I’m going to turn back on the word verification and hope that it solves the problem.


You really shouldn't have published that book Mr Orwell. The wankers in government are using it as a blueprint now.

We really are slipping into a total surveillance state. North Korea must be smiling.