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Sunday 31 August 2014

They don’t belong to the parents.

That is, Children, it seems.

Suppose you have a child that has a brain tumour and the doctors at the hospital your child is in, refuse to consider other forms of treatment other than radiotherapy.

Bearing in mind that you are sick with worry over your child’s health, but notwithstanding, have spent hours looking for more effective therapy. And then you see a new form of treatment that is now available but is in it’s infancy in the UK.

What do you do?

You research for available facilities and find that there is such a facility in Czeckoslavkia (Spelling?) which will charge you for the treatment.

You remove the child from the hospital.

You travel to Spain in order to sell a property to raise the money for the treatment.

However in the meantime the British state machine decides that because of this breach of “their” interpretation of what is neglect, issue a European arrest warrant for neglecting your child.

You are arrested by the Spanish police.

To me this is George Orwell’s 1984 becoming fact rather than fiction. What I can’t understand is that the MSM seem to imply that this is how it should be. In my mind the state should only step in when there is serious, premeditated harm to children. They should never, ever, intrude in the judgement of the parents of a child, to attempt to get the best care for the child.

But then this is the result of the failure of government to reign in the bloated departments of the state. NHS, Social services, etc. And the increasing stupidity of those in the Police farce.

If this runs on, as I hope it does. I would like to see:

A thorough investigation into the social services personal involved, with sacking considered.

The medicos involved, suspended until a full investigation is carried out as to what their input to social services was.

The Police team who instigated a European arrest warrant citing “neglect” by the parents (patently false), suspended until a formal investigation has been conducted. (preferably with out pay).

The Magistrate that sanctioned the arrest warrant should immediately stand down until all of the above have been investigated.


It amazes me that we are walking into a totalitarian state and the majority of the people don’t seem to see it. This story is just another example of the trouble we have brought upon ourselves.

I would remind anyone who reads this blog, consider the following:

Banning smoking in cars.

Cut down on sugar.

And salt (bearing in mind that if you cut salt out completely, you die).

Global warming. (Pity it stopped 17 years ago).

I’m not going to carry on. Those are just examples of how the state controls you.

I just hope the poor little boy gets well.