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Monday 19 September 2011

I’m going to get a letter.

Energy giants have been ordered to write to millions of customers to tell them how to cut their bills.

As the cost of gas and electricity soars, energy minister Greg Barker is demanding that utility chiefs send the letters, emails or texts before winter explaining how customers could move to a cheaper tariff.

He said: "Energy companies should be in no doubt as to our determination to see this through and get a better deal for millions of ripped off customers.

Well Greg me old mate, here’s how it is. I’m already on the lowest Tariff and it’s fucking huge. And here’s who caused it to be in part, so big. One of your cabinet colleagues no less. Huhne the Green Buffoon.

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has said that some families shop around more for a "£25 toaster" than they do for energy bills of more than £1,000. Experts say many households could cut their bills by about £200.

I think that quite a bit of my increase this year is due to the Government’s green obsession with wind turbines Bird Mincers and solar panels. You honestly don’t think that the energy companies are not going to pass on their green costs to the consumer, do you? If so you are a bigger fool than I thought you were. Remember those feed in Tariffs?

I seriously wonder about the sanity of our ministers. How can making our energy so expensive be good for our economy?. If I have to spend more on energy I’ve less money to spend  on goods and therefore deny businesses of my cash.

Oh and don’t even think of trying to coerce me into having a so called “Smart Meter”. I’m smart enough to read my own meters, thank you very much.


Trimming the Fat.

It would seem that some councils and NHS trusts are now deciding that their obesity programmes are too expensive to carry on with.

A weight-loss programme that has helped thousands of obese children is being scrapped by some cash-strapped trusts.

There is too much state interference in how we live as it is.

Of course we have the howls of anguish coming from those anxious to keep their jobs at any cost.

Rachael McGrath, from Mend, warned that evidence-based obesity programmes are vital in preventing children developing chronic diseases such as diabetes. She said: "Being overweight in childhood is one of the biggest risks to a child's current and future health.

Children who are above a healthy weight are much more likely to become obese adults and are at a greater risk of developing chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and some types of cancer. With obesity already costing the NHS £4.2 billion each year, it's critical to continue investing in child obesity services."

Here’s some of their Funding partners.

  • Big Lottery Fund

  • Department of Health (West Midlands)

  • Department of Work and Pensions

  • National Skills Academy

  • National Sports Foundation

  • Sport England

  • Welsh Assembly Government

Unfortunately I can’t find anywhere on their site that shows their accounts.

In my opinion there is enough material out in the wild about how we can live healthier without a need for these parasites. It should be the parents taking responsibility for their Children. Not abrogating their responsibility to outsiders.

Now if the councils could also get rid of their “Smoking Cessation Officers”, “Outreach Co-coordinators” (Whatever they are?), & “Alcohol Awareness Partners, we could all live in a happier, and more responsible world where we make our own decisions about our life style.