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Wednesday 11 February 2015

Here we go again.

Not content with plain packaging and the display ban, the latest illiberal, nanny statist idea, is to ban smoking in cars with children.

Drivers in England will be banned from smoking in their cars if they are carrying children as passengers.The move, which will become law on 1 October, follows a similar ban in Wales and aims to protect young people under 18 from second-hand smoke. Scotland is also considering introducing a ban.Anyone found flouting the law in England could be fined £50.
 Of course this will be unworkable as so many cars these days have tinted rear windows. So the obvious next step will be to ban smoking in ALL cars.

Once they've gained control of how you use this item of private property, they'll continue to the next logical step. Homes.

Firstly they'll prevent those living in council owned housing from smoking indoors. The local authority will come up with the excuse that as owners of the property they have a duty of care to the children in those properties.

Finally there will come the ultimate step of "we can't have two classes of children". Those who are protected and those wicked home owners who are poisoning their cheeeldren. A smoking ban law will be enacted to prevent you smoking in your home that you have bought and paid for.

I suspect that will enable councils to lobby for laws to enable officials to enter your home unannounced to ensure that you are abiding by this unalloyed nonsense.

Even if readers here are non smokers. Be afraid. They'll be after your guilty little pleasure next. The bansturbators pleasure will be you next.