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Friday 20 March 2009

Cut the blue wire, no, no, the red one.

We've all seen those action movies, where the hero has to decide which wire to cut in order to de-activate the thermo-nuclear weapon or other sundry device that might hurt.

Well I've been having trouble with my central heating. The room thermostat seemed to be playing up. Considering the wiring to the stat is a bit iffy,(ever since I drilled into the buried cable) I decided that I would renew it with a wireless device. Seems simple, I say, just disconnect the existing stat at the multi- terminal box and wire the receiver unit into the same terminals. The connector box has a wiring connection schedule in the cover showing that the room stat is wired into terminals 2 & 3. Excellent so far.

The game begins.

1) terminals 2 & 3 disconnected and cable withdrawn.

2) Go to garage for cable to wire in the receiver unit. No cable. Wife threw it out.

3) Ahaa, part of the redundant old thermostat cable could be used.

4) Cut the cable back to the wall, great, just what I need.

Aaargh. Central heating installer had taken no heed of the wiring schedule and had decided to be creative. I've just disabled the hot water thermostat.

5) Temporary repair carried out using cable and choc block. (Do not snitch on me to health and safety please, I have a wife with a cold, and three cats.)

6) Down to DIY store tommorrow for more cable and a junction box.

Moral of the story: Before you cut the blue or the red, make sure you know what it does. Do not believe what any other bastard would like you to think.

This is all to show to the Ranting Penguin that there is more to life than drains.

UPDATE: Heating working well.