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Saturday 1 May 2010

Women in work

I have to admire one in particular. This one started work at 0730 this morning. She's just phoned me at 2145 to say that she will be working till at least 2245. Who is this saint you ask?

My wife.

She has the old fashioned work ethos that the job must be done whatever it takes.

She brought up our three kids and when they were old enough and whilst they were school, she went part time, back to work.

Later she went full time and having proved that she had the work ethic was head hunted into a technical offshoot of the parent company.

Many, has been the time, that at short notice she has had to travel abroad for extended periods. India, Hong Kong, Luxemburg, Dublin, to name a few.

How many of the new age would do the same?

Is this our future?

I give you Captain Ranty

The future of this land?

I sincerely hope not.

Where are they?



If all those Parliamentary candidates want my vote. Where have they got to?

In all the time I've lived at this address I've never seen any of the scum candidates.

The Jehovah's witnesses have been more prevalent.

(I'll probably wish I hadn't posted this. They'll probably be round in packs tommorrow).

Remember "Boobquake"?

The "Blag Hag" defends her feminism here.

I especially liked the ending.

I'm not upset. I know that whatever you say, someone, somewhere will be offended. If the cleric had said eating pork caused earthquakes, and I suggested Baconquake, I'd probably be getting nasty emails from vegans or PETA. If the cleric had said drinking alcohol caused earthquakes, and I suggested Beerquake, I'd probably be getting nasty emails from teetotalers. But if I lived my whole life in constant fear of pissing someone off, I would stay silent and accomplish nothing. And what good is that?

Food for thought?

Serious UPDATE well worth the read. The Muslim response. This is seriously going to upset the clerics.

Oh. So that's why.


They do not have to be - it is just a convention. One theory about its origins is that people were not paid until Fridays and so holding polls on Thursdays ensured they were not too drunk to vote. The Electoral Commission has recommended trials of weekend voting as a way of improving turnout.