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Monday 20 December 2010

It’s cold down South.

It would appear that our Antipodeon  cousins are having unseasonable Climate weather as well.


These are anomalies and not the actual Temps.

H/T Jonova

Have Guardian Readers changed their minds about Global Warming?

Maybe so if the comments on this article are something to go by.

The majority have been quite scathing about AGW and quite a few are slagging off the Quango that masquerades as the Met Office.

It was also interesting Today that Boris Johnson is also wobbling, and that the BBC  6 O’clock news were erring on the side of caution. Normally the Beeb would have made the case that it was all to do with man made warming.

It’s all coming apart for the worshippers of AGW.

Google Earth

Every year just before Christmas, Google Earth allows you to watch Santa’s progress across the Globe courtesy of NORAD.

Just for a change could NORAD track the Kentish grit lorry that has yet to spread any grit on my road?

Missing in Action.

grit lorry