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Saturday 21 March 2009

Sacked for telling it how it should be.

I heard on Radio 2 whilst I was on the way back from getting essential supplies to repair my heating system, that Deva Kumarasiri had been forced to leave as postmaster. If you remenber, he was the one that stated that to be British you must integrate and speak the language of the country.

Read it here

I wish him well

We're all at it.

This evening a female friend of ours called in for a cuppa and a chat. A year ago the conversation would have revolved around how the kids were doing, and other mundane subjects.

Not tonight. The conversation swiftly turned to how our country had been betrayed from the top, and how long it might take our children to pay off the debt, foisted on us by these incompetent, lying bastards.

Even now, I don't believe that those fuckwits in Westminster, really realise the depth of feeling in the country at the moment. The anger is welling. They may yet need to invoke the civil contingency act.

Incidentally our friend runs a charity specialising in looking after kids whilst their parents go out to work. Apparently play schools are to be funded with up to £1200 each to buy toys for the kids. She would like to know what sort of toys they need costing that much? She spends a fraction of that.