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Thursday 17 January 2013

Scotland against spin

A new site dedicated to fighting against the scourge of wind farms in Scotland. I don't live in Scotland, but I wish them the best in their fight.

Here is their mission statement:

Scotland Against Spin is the name of a new national alliance of anti-wind farm campaigners.

It was set up following the successful, very vocal, protest in Perth last October. That day made clear that people across Scotland had had enough of current government wind policy and were looking for a new, stronger initiative to support. People want the truth, deserve the truth and will fight to get the truth.

Scotland Against Spin is against the spin of the turbines, the spin of the developers, the spin of trade association Scottish Renewables and the spin of the Scottish Government. We will attack their spin in the media, with facts and demands for data relating to such statements, and strive to make the wider public aware of how they are funding such a deceitful industry.
A recent report (14th January 2013) stated that nearly 10,000 people felt so strongly against wind turbines that they have written to the Scottish Government to tell them so. Many more have objected to their local councils. Scotland Against Spin wants to reach out to the huge number of individuals, groups and activists across Scotland who are fighting wind developments where they live and in areas they care about.

To make this mission successful we need you all. Your expertise, experience and dogged determination are invaluable and will lead us to triumph over the injustice that is being forced upon us. We will lobby the government for a moratorium on further wind development until the facts regarding all issues have been independently scrutinised and the true data made public.
As an embryonic organisation our website is still under construction and the finer details have yet to be addressed. We wanted you to know that there is a dedicated team of experienced campaigners who are volunteering their time to bring this together so we can start making an impact against this destructive policy now!
Scotland Against Spin is going live on facebook and Twitter so feel free to join in and help spread the word that we are here and that we want everyone to join us. The more supporters we have, the more noise we can make and the sooner our politicians will be forced to act.

Please register with Scotland Against Spin here

Here is their web address