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Friday 13 January 2012



Let me pose a question. A young relation wants to buy her rented flat which is up for sale. Her father is on business abroad and is therefore unable to advise her all of the time. Said young relative contacts a mortgage advisor in the hope that the mortgage advisor can secure a good deal from one of the many sharks companies that abound.

The mortgage advisor indeed finds a good deal and the young female relative accepts it.

However the point of this post is that the young relative was advised that she should take out a comprehensive insurance package so she wouldn’t “Be a burden on her dad”(Direct quote from the mortgage adviser), if anything went wrong.

The package consisted of everything from Critical illness cover, life insurance (why? she has no dependants), unemployment cover, and more. This for the princely some of £170 per Month. All in all there were eight elements to the package. (I would have listed them all, but Mrs FE fielded the call and wrote them down whilst under the influence and I cant read all off her spider scrawl. And she can’t either. Wimmin!).

Is this misselling? I certainly think it is. Playing on the fears of a twenty three year old, is not fair game in my mind.

What do you think?