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Sunday 22 February 2009

National theft service

I'm getting on in years (As I keep telling you), but I'm getting pissed of with the NHS.

This post is not about clinical services, MRSA, failing services,etc. No, it's about theft, pure and simple.

Over the last few years I have had several elderly relatives admitted to Hospital with one ailment or another, ie, strokes, falls, etc.

What I find abhorrent is in nearly all cases they have had money or personal possessions stolen from them. Usually cash, but in some cases precious family items.

What galls me is that whilst they proclaim proudly that their site is a "No smoking site", nowhere do they proclaim "This is a no theft site".

The latest victim of this growth industry is an Aunt-in-law, 91 years of age, who had tripped and fallen, and was taken into St. ***** Hospital in Sidcup.

Surely, apart from their duty of care for the patients health, shouldn't they be looking after their material possessions as well? Where's their duty of care?

Bloody Tossers.

Letter to the administration is now in order.