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Friday 11 December 2009

Brussels. How we are being screwed.

I see from the news that Brussels have agreed to hand over £6.5 billion to from the EU to the third world to help it to overcome so called "Climate Change".

EU leaders ended a summit in Brussels having agreed to pay 7.2bn euros (£6.5bn; $10.6bn) over three years to help poorer nations cope with climate change.

What's worse is that Brown has pledged the poor British taxpayer to stump up £1.5 billion of it.  (From the BBC 6 O'clock news). He obviously believes his delusion that we are better equipped to ride out this recession.

I very much doubt that the money will go to good use, but instead line the pockets in velvet of half the tinpot dictators out there.

And the greed is already there.

But leaders of poorer nations described the sum as inadequate.

When will Scumbag Brown realise the Legacy of debt we have bestowed on our children and grandchildren.

Old Holborn puts the blame on the middle classes. Yes, you at the back, this is your fault. Read that post and weep.

I seriously think that I may take my money and run. Surprisingly my wife agrees.


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